Daytime Robbery - Mills Park

Our house was broken in to during the day on Wednesday January 22.  Police think this is a smiliar MO to the other recent home burglaries where the robber(s) knocks on the door and after determining no one is home, they break in through the back.  If someone does answer the door, they give a bogus/random reason for coming to your door, asking directions, or looking for a friend.  Please notify the police if you have anyone unknown to you, male or female, appear at your door, try to get a look at them, or any vehicle they arrive or leave in.  The police said when a door is answered that the person who knocks has been seen leaving in a car full of other people.  Its a group of robbers doing this all over San Bruno, and they spend so little time actually outside your house, the window to catch anyone is small.  Wish we could have a city wide meeting about this, apparently its happening many times a week all over San Bruno. Can't get my stuff back or my feeling of security, but perhaps we can make others aware of this.  


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