Graduation Day For Some

Graduation day is coming up for many of our Bay Area neighbors; a time to not only celebrate one's scholarly achievements, but also our life accomplishments. For other of our neighbors, reaching their goals, and their full potential, is a bit more complicated - but they can do it with your help.

Raphael looks forward to one day being a college graduate, and even going on to law school. But being a student today requires having access to a laptop computer, something he simply cannot afford.

Anna has a 9-to-5 job, but as a single mother of two it’s not nearly enough. Her goal for self-sufficiency has led her to start her own small party favor business, but she needs help raising some seed funding.

Mohini’s accomplishments started with coming the United States, then training to work in the nursing field. The last hurdle she needs to cross is raising the funds for drivers’ training so she can look for a job.

As graduating students move their tassels from one side side of their caps to the other, it is an indication that they are transitioning into a new chapter in life. You have the power to help Raphael, Anna, and Mohini transition to their next chapters as well.

Click the links by their names and find out how you can help put them on the path to independence, self-sufficiency, and achievement.


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