Health Foundation Focuses Fundraising on Breast Health

The San Mateo County Health Foundation is hosting The Underwire Project 2 this week.

The San Mateo County Health Foundation is moving closer toward reaching its goal of providing digital mammography at the San Mateo Medical Center—the only hospital in the Bay Area without the technology.

Following the successful Underwire Project fundraiser in April, a women-only affair raising money and awareness, the organization is hosting The Underwire Project 2—a special donor reception aimed at raising the remaining funds needed for digital mammography equipment this Thursday.

“We’re so close to reaching out goal of improving breast health care in San Mateo County through early detection,” said San Mateo County Health Foundation Executive Director Peter Lee.

The foundation, working closely with Lilli Rey and Jill Grossman of Hillsborough, has raised $555,000 of the necessary $750,000.

The public San Mateo Medical Center performs more than 5,500 mammograms each year. With the current equipment, wait time for a mammogram can last up to three months, limiting the quality of service at hospital that serves the most vulnerable women in the County.

“Digital mammography technology would allow us to double our capacity so women in underserved communities can get screenings that will save lives,” said Deputy Director of Clinical Ancillary Services at San Mateo Medical Center, Rita Kavanaugh.

The Thursday event features special guests Susan Ehrlich, medical center CEO, and breast cancer survivor Karen Selmi.

To learn more about the event and donations to the foundation, visit www.smchf.org/events/13/the-underwire-project-2.


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