Wandering Man and His Mules Spotted in Glendora

Who is the man traveling throughout California on foot with only three mules in tow?

Little is known about the man wandering his way through California with little more than three mules and the clothes on his back.

He has been identified as John Sears, a self-proclaimed mountain man who has been spotted with his three mules in tow, slowly making their way from town to town.

He has been seen in various cities, including communities in Contra Costa County, among cars in traffic on busy Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, and as far south as Santee in San Diego County.

And now he has been spotted in Glendora, Calif., where he was leading his three mules in the 1200 block of East Route 66 on Friday.

Sears, reportedly of Phoenix, Ariz.,  told Lamorinda Patch that he had been traveling with his mules for 28 years, but started traveling full time February of last year. He never sleeps anywhere but outdoors. He carries everything he owns. He does own a cell phone, charged by solar panel, of course. He has traveled as far as Arkansas and Missouri on foot with his mules.

He had a run-in with Laguna Beach animal control, who tried to escort him through busy traffic in December of last year. According to the Laguna Beach Independent, Sears said he began his fulltime journey when he set out for Sacramento to advocate for more horse trails and protest against the hazards of motorized vehicles. According to Laguna Beach animal control, he also seemed insistent to his right to use the public roads with his mules.

His website, 3mules.com, states:

"To answer the most asked questions:  Who are we?  Where are we from? And where are we going?  We are mules. We are from the outside. We live outside all day , every day. Where are we going? Nowhere, we're here- the outside, the web of life- the beautiful earth, a place like no other.    We have come to this place-a place of golden sparkling light, a place for anybody and everybody.  Give your faith, hope and  energy to this place at which time you connect to it and receive the magic and endless possibility of infinity.   As you walk in this place with these mules you spread the awareness that this beautiful earth like no other can only be protected by the way we live one day at a time."

Have you seen Sears and his three mules? Have a photo of the three mules? Upload them to our photo gallery above!

Steven Hanson January 05, 2013 at 06:01 PM
I applaud John. This is exactly what America is all about...do what is in your heart and live your life as you wish.
Gloria January 05, 2013 at 08:44 PM
Good for John, but am concerned about the care and feeding of his mules for 28 years. Is there ever a vet check for them. If one mules dies, oh well, he still has two more. . .then down to one. Then there were none, then what, John?. You've run them to the ground?
Steven Hanson January 05, 2013 at 09:07 PM
If you are genuinely concerned for the mules' welfare,I suggest you give him a check for $2,000 for mule care. Then you could be part of the solution to the problem :)
Ryan January 05, 2013 at 10:33 PM
Do you have reason to be concerned? Or do you simply have concern for all animals in general? Do all animals need doctors visits? Do you believe that his mules will die quicker than other mules for some specific reason? These are just some questions that came to my mind after reading your post. I don't know much about mules but seems to me that having mules walk would only be good for them. I would think a mule could walk comfortably 3 times further than a man.
Steven Hanson January 06, 2013 at 12:50 AM
Mules are very sturdy and durable and they are specifically bred to be pack animals. Not all animals do need Vet visits. I recently had a cat pass away whom I only took to the Vet twice. She lived to be 21 years old. I'm not that fortunate with my dogs, but mules are quite hardy and unlike horses, they never put themselves in a dangerous circumstances in terms of where they walk.If a mule and a horse walk along a sheer cliff, a horse can misstep and fall. A mule never will...which is why they use them in the Grand Canyon rides. Vets for a large animals would be very pricey. Friends I've had who owned horses and mules never paid less than $500 for a vet. By the look of the mules in this picture they seem loved and taken care of very well. You will not get any pack animal to cooperate if they are ill or injured. Hence the phrase, "stubborn as a mule".


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