Indulge for Under $20 at Ichiban Sushi

Contributor Harmon Leon eats at Ichiban Sushi and goes for their No. 1 crowd pleaser: the Sushi dinner special.

The No. 1 crowd pleaser at is their sushi dinner special. For under $20 you can indulge in a sampler of the best raw fish the restaurant has to offer, along with Miso soup and a delicious Japanese salad.

If you haven't partaken in this Japanese eatery, Ichiban Sushi sits nestled on El Camino Real. You might have driven by and not even know that it was there. But it is; it really, really is. It's a nice casual sushi establishment where you get a lot for the price. When I was there, families were partakening in some after-church tuna rolls and bento boxes.

For a relaxed and inexpensive sushi dining experience, Ichiban Sushi delivers the good!


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