More Food for Your Buck at Araujo's

Contributor Harmon Leon tries to find the cheapest eating deal on San Bruno Avenue.

Editor's Note: We're trying something new today with this feature. It's kind of like the TV show Man v. Food, only this is not a TV show and we're taking on restaurants only in San Bruno. Tell us what you think.

Here's my goal for the lunch hour: Find the best meal deal on San Bruno Avenue. Situated inside a little golden house I found it: —open 24 hours...in a row!

Araujo's is a San Bruno eatery institution. Located between El Camino Real and Huntington Avenue, the establishment stands out because it looks like someone's house that was painted gold and turned into a restaurant overnight. Walking by, I knew I didn't need to do much digging because this Mexican restaurant has huge signs trumpeting a $7.99 carne asada plate special. Hell, I was sold.

Inside, Araujo's had quirky charm: It looked like someone decorated the place overnight with random paintings, family portraits and a sign saying that due to the recession tortilla chips were now a dollar with salsa. (Damn you recession!) I almost had free run of the place; just another guy and myself were here to eat some $7.99 carne asada—which is served with rice, beans and, for some reason, eggs. But it gets better.

"Do you want coffee? It comes with coffee," stresses the waitress. "If you have a Coke, I'll have to charge you for it; but coffee is free."

Yes, Araujo's seals the bargain deal with a free cup of Joe with every carne asada.

As I wait for my food, I hear from the kitchen: "Oh my god! You're eating chow mein!"

The place has a family-run charm, as the quirky, non-ironic art on the wall watched over me as I ate while CNN blared from the TV.

A huge platter of carne asade arrived, served with the eggs on the side—a big bargain for $7.99.

"Do you want more coffee? You get a free refill," the waitress asks as I complete my San Bruno bargain meal mission.

"I'm fine with the coffee," I respond.

"How was the carne asada?" she asks.

"Carne asada-tastic!" I exclaim.

I must come back to Araujo for their $2.99 breakfast special.

ctroy May 11, 2011 at 07:00 AM
maybe if drug addicts didn't work there the owners children are drug dealers and i don't think that should be good for business i wouldn't eat there just because of that


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