Save Mart Closure Blamed On Economy, Competition

Corporate leader issues statement on decision.

Save Mart officials blamed the tough ongoing economic situation and competition from other stores for their decision to close the Calaveras Boulevard store.

Woody Hunter, vice president of coastal operations for Save Mart, issued the attached statement about the decision.

Save Mart bought the store in 1989, after it originally opened as a Fry's Store in 1978, according to Hunter.

Liz Ainsworth June 12, 2012 at 01:43 PM
What is happening in Milpitas? First Nob Hill and now SaveMart. Where do people buy their groceries?
Frank Mockery June 13, 2012 at 02:49 PM
The owner of Save Mart is too busy running the Save Mart 350 stock car race at the Infinity raceway & making bids for professional sports franchises to worry about where you'll get your milk & bread now ! Blame in on the Republicans & their union-busting attorneys as stores with union contracts (the ones with decent "living" wages & benefits for their employees) can't remain competitive with non-union discount stores like Wal-Mart & Target entering the grocery business. Organizing these non-union companies that pay inferior wages & no benefits for the majority of their employees would certainly level the playing field,yet the !% er's & their conservative lap dogs in Congress block every effort to make becoming a union member less difficult. No one can support a family in Milpitas while earning minimum wages from the cradle to the grave at Wal-Mart. How can they offer the lowest prices ? By screwing their employees year in & year out with the help & blessings of Republicans in Congress. Keep that in mind when voting this November, Republicans are no friend of working men & women,in fact their our bitter enemies ! Now that Republican policies have bankrupted our economy & caused unemployment to surge,people consider themselves lucky to be working no matter how poorly their compensated. Wasn't this their plan all along to divide & conquer working Americans & destroy the rights of workers & unions in the process ? The answer is obviously yes ! Vote for Democrats this November !!!


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