All-American Eats for the Fourth

Help celebrate Independence Day with some classic recipes.

Around the holidays, we Americans like to have our friends and family close by, and we love our food. But we also bear the proud lineage of hard work.

As we celebrate our nation’s independence this weekend, and the people who fought so hard to ensure it, let’s take the time to stop and enjoy the fruits of our labor, whether they come in the form of a pie or in a honey barbeque glaze on our spareribs. Here are a few all-American recipes we’ve rounded up for your Fourth of July pleasure.

Apple pie is uber-American, but peaches are at the peak of the season right now. My love of a lattice crust led me to this recipe from About.com’s southern food section. If you decide to go all-homemade and forego the store-bought pastry crust, try this easy recipe for a super moist crust made with cream cheese, which has become my standby for all pies.

Do-it-yourself fried chicken is a hard one to master, so for this I’ve turned to a recipe from The Food Network’s Alton Brown. The key seems to be letting the meat soak in buttermilk for hours prior to cooking. And to add a little more southern inspiration, whip up some homemade waffles, break your crispy chicken over it and drizzle on some syrup – one of my personal favorites for any time of day.

Though these veggies are mostly famous for the horror they instill in children, this fun video recipe may result in some mini-cabbage converts. As a bonus, the cook time for these is only about a minute.

Americans do love their steaks. Perfect for those who will proceed straight to the grill, this recipe features dark cola, garlic powder and bacon for a super moist and tender steak.

Yes, most of these recipes are of a southern slant, but let’s face it, people from the south know how to eat. This family recipe submitted by a reader to Food.com takes quite a few steps, but results in a classic, soft biscuit to accompany your Fourth of July picnic.

Martin Ricard (Editor) July 01, 2011 at 09:58 PM
What are your favorite recipes for the Fourth? Mine? Just give me some barbecue, shrimp and that multi-colored corkscrew pasta that my mom used to make, and I'm good.
Phyllis McArthur July 02, 2011 at 02:46 AM
I love BBQ Italian Sausage, and yes, BBQ shrimp. Corn on the cob will complete my dream 4th of July cook out.


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