POLL: Has PG&E Been Fair With Explosion Settlements So Far?

PG&E has reportedly set aside $455 million to settle all of the lawsuits stemming from the 2010 San Bruno fire, and the utility has been settling many of the lawsuits leading up to the trial. Has PG&E been doing enough?

With the recent reports that a was mistakenly posted online, the public has gotten a glimpse at how much the utility has been shelling out with the explosion lawsuits.

The San Mateo County Times reported that the settlement, which appeared on the San Mateo County Superior Court's website, amounted to $1.8 million to a teenage girl severly burned by the 2010 pipeline explosion.

So far, PG&E has spent $145 million on injury and property claims, a PG&E spokeswoman told the Times.

According to several media reports, PG&E has set aside $455 million to settle all of the lawsuits, which now represent nearly 300 residents, connected to the blast.

Also, the trial against PG&E for the blast has now been pushed back to January.

During a call with reporters today, PG&E CEO Anthony Earley said the company's goal is to "wrap things up" with the lawsuits by the end of the year.

Earley said it will probably take years to restore the Crestmoor neighborhood, which was and is . But PG&E is committed to working with the community to make things better in San Bruno, he said.

What do you think? Has PG&E been doing enough?


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