Healdsburg Home Prices on the Rise

Overall, the recovery of the Bay Area housing market is accelerating.

The housing market's rebound in the Bay Area accelerated in December, when sales increased year-over-year for the 18th consecutive month.

The number of foreclosure in the Bay Area sales hit a five-year low, while median sale price rose a whopping 32 percent from December 2011, according to according to DataQuick's city data for December.

That translated to a 3.2 percent increase in home sales in Sonoma County, comparing December 2012 to December 2011 and a median home price jump of 23.4 percent in the county during the same time frame.

A total of 555 homes were sold in Sonoma County in December with a median price of $345,000.

Other Bay Area highlights include:

  • The median price paid for a home in the nine-county Bay Area was $442,750 in December. That was up 1.1 percent from $438,000 in November and up 32.0 percent from $335,500 in December a year ago.
  • The December median home price was the highest since August 2008 when it was $447,000.
  • There were fewer "distressed property sales" (foreclosures and short sales). Foreclosure resales accounted for 11.8 percent of resales in December, the lowest number of short sales in the Bay Area since November 2007 (10.1 percent).

Here's a Bay Area breakdown of home sales and median price: 

All Homes #Sold  #Sold  % Change Median Median % Change
Dec. 2011 Dec. 2012
Dec. 2011 Dec. 2012
Alameda 1,584 1,623 2.5% $328,000 $410,000 25% Contra Costa 1,534 1,530 -0.3% $259,000 $333,500 28.8% Marin 280 291 3.9%  $517,818 $660,750  27.6% Napa 132 129 -2.3% $317,500 $350,000 10.2% Santa Clara  1,611 1,822 13.1% $440,000 $544,500 23.8% San Francisco 499 646 29.5% $594,500 $720,000 21.1% San Mateo 602 626 4.0% $500,000 $600,000 20% Solano 714 610 -14.6% $182,250 $218,000 19.6% Sonoma  538       
555 3.2% $279,500 $345,000 23.4% Bay Area 7,494 7,832 4.5% $335,500 $442,750 32%

Region wide, home sales increased by 4.5 percent and all counties had double-digit increases in median home prices. The overall Bay Area saw a 32 percent increase in median home prices from December 2011 to December 2012, according to DataQuick

“Prices are in the midst of bouncing off bottom right now, and nobody really knows what the trajectory of this bounce will be beyond this point. So far, supply has been a bottleneck, but as prices go up, more homes will be put up for sale,” said John Walsh, DataQuick president.

Sonoma County home sales and median prices for November 2012:

City Total Homes Sold Nov. 2012 Median Price Nov. 2011 Median Price Percent Change Cotati
$279,000 $237,000 17.72% Healdsburg 21
$510,000 $443,500 14.99% Petaluma 62
$391,500 $337,000 16.17% Rohnert Park 42
$264,000 $224,250 17.73% Sonoma
$415,000 $376,000 10.37%

PATCH WANTS TO KNOW: Are rising home prices affecting you? What do you think this data says about the Cotati and Rohnert Park real estates market? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.


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David Sheppard January 25, 2013 at 02:41 PM
Maybe you can explain to me how the percent change for the nine county area can go up 32% when the highest change for any county in the area was 28.8%. Also the Sold figure during Dec 2011 for Contra Costa County is in error.
Keri Brenner January 25, 2013 at 05:05 PM
Thanks David. I will check back with the author of the article....
Jennifer Squires January 25, 2013 at 06:52 PM
David -- This had me fooled for a bit. I looked up "how to calculate median" and spent some time brushing the dust off with 6th grade math problems. Here's what I've figured out. The median is the middle number, not the overall average. What DataQuick did is list out all of the prices of homes sold and plucked out the very middle number, instead of adding them all together and dividing by the total number of homes sold. So the increase in home prices across all the counties has pushed that middle number (or median) much higher than it was last year. Because of the disparity in numbers of homes sold in each county (291 in Marin compared to 1,822 in Santa Clara), the individual county percentages of median home price change can't be combined to reach an overall Bay Area total. You have to throw the prices of all 7,832 homes sold into a spread sheet and find Nos. 3,416 and 3,417, add them together and divide by 2 to arrive at the median home price for the region ($442,750). Also, thanks for the catch on Contra Costa.
Keri Brenner January 25, 2013 at 07:43 PM
Jennifer: Thanks so much for the explanation...


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