Daytime Robbery - Mills Park

Our house was broken in to during the day on Wednesday January 22.  Police think this is a smiliar MO to the other recent home burglaries where the robber(s) knocks on the door and after determining no one is home, they break in through the back.  If someone does answer the door, they give a bogus/random reason for coming to your door, asking directions, or looking for a friend.  Please notify the police if you have anyone unknown to you, male or female, appear at your door, try to get a look at them, or any vehicle they arrive or leave in.  The police said when a door is answered that the person who knocks has been seen leaving in a car full of other people.  Its a group of robbers doing this all over San Bruno, and they spend so little time actually outside your house, the window to catch anyone is small.  Wish we could have a city wide meeting about this, apparently its happening many times a week all over San Bruno. Can't get my stuff back or my feeling of security, but perhaps we can make others aware of this.  
Laura Ivancich Davis January 24, 2014 at 07:09 PM
There have been over 35 recent home burglaries in the past few weeks. We need to spread the word and make every Sam Bruno resident the eyes and ears when the police are not around.
Rose Poblete January 25, 2014 at 01:18 AM
A few of my neighbors are planning to attend next week's city council meeting to ask exactly what the police and our city officials are planning to do. Last time this happened a few years ago- there was a outreach effort but since then nothing. They need to keep everybody informed so that we can all do our part in looking out for each other. I urge all my San Bruno neighbors to attend the meeting on the 28th and demand information!
bob b January 26, 2014 at 04:10 PM
Good afternoon. I applaud your efforts in trying to get the city manager who is suppose to be in charge and the chief of police to disclose information about all actvities in San Bruno. They keep saying that they do not have the capabilities to post information like Foster City and San Mateo police dept. They also say that. this would UPSET THE ELDERLY AND THE COMMUNITY..Well, when you go the the meeting have the mayor answer the question. He has been sent several documents about how the public can participate in community patroling and also the chief. Thanks again for voicing your opinion and you will be heard but not acted on..tks..
Kristina Perez January 29, 2014 at 10:25 AM
I was at the meeting and the Chief of Police did a good job of describing the burglaries and the MO, and urging residents to call 911 for any suspicious activity in your neighborhood, cars with occupants out of place or just waiting, unknown people at the front door, etc... he emphasized that residents not be afraid to call for any reason. I beleive he said there were 16 burglaries in San Bruno of this type in recent weeks, another report I heard said 19. I agree a direct mailing, in addition to the website information and press releases would be helpful, and not upset people needlessly, its reality. Neighbors need to know how to protect themselves and their property as much as possible. What's truly upsetting is coming home to find your house has been broken into. Direct mail, flyers at the senior centers, flyers going home with the kids from school, contacting and alerting mail carriers & UPS drivers etc are all ways to get information of these crimes out. Seniors and retirees and stay-at-home neighbors are the best resource in this situation. They will be the ones to see something and call the police. They need to be reached. Please continue to talk to your own neighbors and make them aware. The police have a very small window of time to see these people on the street, they are in and out quick and on their way. Its a needle in a haystack that the police would be driving by a house at the very 30 seconds the crooks are loading stolen goods into their car... its really going to be alert residents who notify the PD of something suspicious.
dragon January 29, 2014 at 02:59 PM
Ms.Perez..This is why you need community on patrol..More of the community involved looking around there area's and at the same time looking for blight, graffiti, and contacting the department responsible. If you think that the police are going to be able to cover the whole city it is not going to happen..We have had a constant increase in crime in this city and other cities next to us. It is time for the community to start, with training to patrol there neighborhoods. If not, then you need to start thinking about hiring a security company to start patrolling the neighborhoods. The apartment complexes and certain business's in the city have patrolling security and internal as well. So if you do not want to help out your own community then you need to start hiring a security company. I'm sure that if you get enough concerned citizens and or residents involved you could get a better rate. Please do not wait until things get worse before you do something. The city representatives that you hired are failing the community and the resources have been diminishing even though the community keeps paying higher and higher cost to live here. Some keep getting more money and less productivity and or results.


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