Op-Ed: Only Prop. 30 Will Stop Immediate Cuts to Schools

If Prop. 30 fails, school districts will be forced to engage in another, and in many cases much worse, round of cutbacks. We must support Prop. 30 for this election.

Proposition 30 is the only initiative that will stop the immediate and severe cuts schools will face in January ($6 billion total).  Our public universities and community colleges will also be cut by another $1 billion, causing severe reductions in offerings/opportunities and significant increases in tuition.  By contrast, Proposition 38 will do nothing to avoid this immediate cut, nor will it ever provide assistance to our colleges or universities. 

If Proposition 30 fails, districts will be forced to engage in another, and in many cases much worse, round of cutbacks.  The school year may be reduced by 15 days, which if continued would cause the average student to lose more than a year’s worth of education during his/her academic career.  Class sizes will increase, more programs and support services will be eliminated, and more jobs will be lost. 

By passing Proposition 30, the overwhelming majority of Californians will only be asked to make a small, temporary investment in our future.  If passed, Proposition 30 will increase the state sales tax by 0.25% for four years (that’s only 25 cents for every $100 spent).  The California Budget Project estimates this investment will cost the average middle class family less than $55 per year.  By contrast, Proposition 38 will increase the income tax rate on virtually all Californians, even those earning under $15,000/year. 

Please join me a local citizen in supporting Proposition 30!

Christine Jessup is a San Bruno resident.

Bill Baker October 16, 2012 at 07:04 PM
I thought the scare tactics about schools closing was the Measure G parcel tax sales pitch? I guess it works for Prop 30 too. The tax mavens are lining up these taxes on the November Election Ballot like jets on a busy runway. Did you know that $39,575,109,000 ($39.5 billion) of the 2012 -2013 State of California $141,899,526,000 State Budget is already budgeted for K-12 education? Each year California's State Government spends more on K-12 education then it spends on the annual combined total expenditures for: Higher Education ($10,050,905,000), Corrections and Rehabilitation ($8,920,528,000), Environmental Protection ($1,302,264,000), State and Consumer Services ($1,419,466,000), Business, Transportation and Housing ($15,786,484,000), Labor and Workforce Development ($738,865,000). http://www.ebudget.ca.gov/Revised/agencies.html
John Hanson October 17, 2012 at 08:04 PM
Jerry Brown loves to use scare tatics. He always uses the Schools and Teachers.
Kelly October 18, 2012 at 12:57 AM
It's no scare tactic--it's truth. What's the problem with investing more money into the future of our youth instead of into other areas like corrections and rehabilitation? If we take the time to do so now, when they're young, hopefully less money will have to be spent on corrections and rehabilitation. Remember, it's these kids who will be making our future decisions, taking care of us in the medical field as we age, discovering new scientific break throughs, educating our grandchildren, etc. What exactly will those behind bars and rehab programs be doing to benefit the society as a whole?
Judy November 02, 2012 at 12:59 AM
I feel that if we really want to help our schools, Parents should give their local schools an annual, or monthly check. This way there will be no doubt that the schools are getting the money. In return the school can submit annual reports showing how the money was spent. I of course voted "NO" on G.


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