San Bruno Garbage and Recycling Rates Increase

Did you receive the mailed notice?  San Bruno's City Council is preparing to vote to increase the garbage and recycling rates again... For more information per the notice please visit.  www.sanbruno.ca.gov/finance_main.html and click on Proposed Rate Increase or call (650) 616-7086.

Marty Medina
Marty Medina March 30, 2014 at 09:58 PM
Robert, Great idea! I'll see what I can do this week if someone doesn't beat me to it. WE do have until May 13, 2014, to protest the increase. Interesting that this year they included the actual rate payers (renters) the opportunity to protest the increase. Last time they did not. Marty Medina
Heidi Beck March 30, 2014 at 11:40 PM
I'm not sure they will count email -- I believe the protest needs a signature to be counted as valid. You don't need to write a fancy letter. A postcard saying "I protest the garbage increase" will do, but it needs to include the name of the property owner or the Recology customer submitting the protest, the signature of that person, and the street address or assessor's parcel number of the service location for which the protest is submitted. Mail or drop it off at San Bruno City Hall, Office of the City Clerk, 567 El Camino Real. No reason you couldn't pass out postcards to your neighbors and gather them up to drop off at city hall. Or send an email to all your San Bruno contacts with information on how to protest.
dragon April 09, 2014 at 01:18 PM
WHAT A SHOCKER! Here we go again, another year another proposed increase. I will definitely be at the Mid-May meeting. these comments and others will not make a difference because the state is putting pressure on the local cities to not have any land fill usage for garbage. You will see an increase forever whether you vote against it or not. They want you to reduce garbage by another 25% in 2 years and another and another..You really need to have competition and other bids from a different company. Also, every time the employees ask for more money and benefits the city goes ahead and allows the increases. Poor managing on behalf of the garbage company.
Marty Medina May 15, 2014 at 12:26 AM
The City Council voted last night (5-0) to approve the rate increases. There were less than 50 protests recorded. A handful of protesters voiced their opposition to the rate increases. Here's what I submitted, "I protest the proposed garbage rate increase for the following reasons: 1) the contract with Recology has been repeatedly extended and has eliminated any competition to determine whether San Bruno is receiving a fair price for garbage service. 2) additional effort should be made to clarify that all rate payers can protest the rate increase. I repeatedly see the words, “property owner”. 3) the 8.96% rate increase for the additional organic collection service has only resulted in a 1% decrease in the waste stream. Is this really worth it? What is San Bruno’s current status in meeting the State’s waste reduction mandate?" Apparently our City Council likes what is going on with the current contract. The contract started in 1998 and appears to run until 2018. Why don't they plan to either open up the contract to other responsible garbage collection companies or create a waste management authority with other cities to try to lower our rates? No planning or investigation to lower the rates; only more "guaranteed" rate increases since obtaining protests of over 50% of property owners and/or rate payers is very unlikely. Here's the staff report.... notice what San Bruno pays compared to other local cities. We pay $0.38 less than Hillsborough and 13.7% more than Burlingame. http://www.sanbruno.ca.gov/finance_images/Utilities/Rates/2014-15/StaffReport-Prop218NoticeMailing-03.11.2014.pdf Marty Medina
Jonathan Koolpe May 15, 2014 at 05:45 PM
While your efforts are appreciated, I certainly am not surprised at the outcome. I did lodge a complaint for the previous increase, but it was the same old story so I didn't waste my time for this go-around. The bar of 50% of registered property owners is too high and essentially unachievable, and quite frankly, even if by some miracle it was achieved, the folks behind it all will find a way to pass it anyway. As they say, the fix is in. We the People matter not one whit in this equation as not enough people care anymore to make a difference...they're all too "busy" watching brain-numbing reality TV, "American Idol" and/or following the latest antics of useless celebrities like Miley Cyrus which the elites are more than happy to thrust in our faces to distract from the destruction they are bringing upon us all to keep their positions of power and comfortably large bank accounts. And get themselves re-elected of course. I will NEVER use the organics program as it is WAY too much of a hassle as currently realized, and I'd wager good money that the vast majority of SB residents are not doing so either. If you want folks to participate, they should receive a discounted rate, not a rate increase! Or if someone wants to participate, he/she can pay an extra fee for the extra collections and leave the rest of us out of it! But we're all still stuck with the fee increase for a program almost no one wants or uses. I look out on my street and as I drive by the surrounding areas on collection day, and I see virtually no one leaving out their green cans on any sort of regular basis. And now I hear the state government is trying to pass a total ban on all plastic grocery bags statewide. Again, no vote of the people...just pass another freedom-curtailing law that the majority of folks are against and that's that. I despise this law in particular, and I have definitely cut down on my shopping purchases as a result of its implementation, particularly on impulse items. It serves no purpose other than to generate a new source of income for stores, inconvenience shoppers, and actually harms the environment more than it helps due to the increased environmental costs of using paper bags instead (more cut down trees, paper gets only a single use, falls apart in wet weather, etc.). How is all of this representative government?


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