School Board Meeting

Kudos to the school board for not acting on the proposed changes to pick up and drop offs at 3 schools.  They were listening to the publicly aired concerns and seem to have some concerns of their own.  Education dollars in San Bruno are precious and should be spent only after we are sure it is the best possible investment. The principal of John Muir put it in perspective by expressing her appreciation of the plan proposed for John Muir but implied that given the choice she would rather see the money go towards much needed building repairs and improvements.  After criticizing last week's meeting I sincerely appreciate the fact that they are listening to our concerns. We need relief from the traffic nightmare but as one speaker stated," we need to take the ti e to do it right this time".
Heidi Beck December 12, 2013 at 11:48 PM
I thought it was interesting to hear board members wondering why the lack of parental turnout at the traffic meetings except at John Muir. For one thing, the John Muir plan featured something that might actually interest parents/families: a soccer field. The other meetings were of interest only to neighbors who have to deal with the bad traffic. Do the parents who speed or block people's driveways or cuss at staff or volunteers trying to direct traffic care to come to a meeting about traffic safety? I doubt it. And staff parking overflow into the neighborhood isn't much of an issue because teachers generally aren't on campus in the evening or on the weekends when parking is scarce. I truly feel for the neighbors who have to deal with idiot drivers, but I really don't expect a lot of parents are going to show up for a meeting about traffic. They know it's a hassle to drop off and pick up but that after a few years it's over, so what do they care? And I think a lot of impacted neighbors, who as much as they would like traffic mitigation, agree that for the cost they'd rather see the money benefit students.


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