Yee's Buffet on El Camino Real

Replacing Lee's buffet with a commercial aquaponics farm might be a feasible option.  The local community can benefit from growing organic fish, shrimp and vegetables and it can add some 'life' to that area.  This proposal or idea can be a city-owned business that can produce the highest quality of healthy food products, and possibly sell the seafood and vegetables to local restaurants and schools or other businesses throughout the area. 

Revenues or proceeds generated from this program can probably help fund local community events such as town parades and cultural festivals, or can even help with streetscape projects. 

This type of business can possibly provide sustainable jobs and educate people about the natural system of vertical farming without using chemicals and pesticides.   With the recent government food stamp cuts, an aquaponics system can benefit those that actually need the assistance, and such program can offer San Bruno residents and workers a discounted or prorated cost to purchase the organic products.     The following two links are the sources to learn more about aquaponics farming:    1.)  http://www.smcvt.edu/Magazine/winter-2014/taking-root.aspx    2.)   http://norcalaquaponics.com/

Or if a aquaponic farm can't plan out, city officials can try to entice "Mike's Bikes" or "Michaels Arts & Crafts" to open up shop at the location :-)   

T April 20, 2014 at 03:22 PM
Let us start getting rid of these eyesore buildings and bring popular businesses to San Bruno so residents don't have to do business in other cities.
A Delargo April 21, 2014 at 12:08 PM
Is this city property ? Discounted aquaponics for people that 'actually need the assistance'. Then any extra cash will be used for parades and festivals. This is another example of liberals gone wild. Rent the property to whomever is willing to run their own business. This smells like a city feeding frenzy that will need lots of 'city' managers to supervise everything - funneling any surplus to the favored cause du jour. Please, city officials, clean the streets, stop this runaway crime, and lower my garbage fees - aquaponics is not in your job description, that's not why you were elected. Can you say boondoggle? Just saying.


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