ASK A COP: Do We Still Have to Know How to Do Hand Signals on a Driving Test?

Hand signals?

Hand signals for bicyclists and motorists. (Photo: Patch Archive)
Hand signals for bicyclists and motorists. (Photo: Patch Archive)

ASK A COP: My friend just took her driving licence test at the DMV in Redwood City.  Since she had trouble passing the eye test, she was required to take a driving test.  The tester remarked that she did not put her arm out of the window to signal a turn.  I thought that this type of signal went out when autos were equipped with turn signals.  Thank you for your answer.

Answer, from CHP's Bradley Sadek, who also sings like a pro (see video here): This sort of signal is STILL around. However, if a vehicle is equipped with signal lamps (turn signals) the driver does not need to use hand signals. If for some reason those lamps become inoperable, then the driver is required to use arm signals.

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