Police Chief Telford Defends Peninsula High

Amid controversy over where the continuation high school should be relocated, San Bruno's police chief penned a letter to show that the school has had a "positive and proactive working relationship" with the city.

A lot has been said about and the problems its students could cause if the campus was relocated to another city.

But the San Mateo Daily Journal reported today that San Bruno Police Chief Neil Telford has come to the school's defense, saying in a letter to the San Mateo Union High School superintendent that the city has enjoyed a positive relationship with the school since it has been in the city.

Currently, the school is located at the old Crestmoor High site. But since , Superintendent Scott Laurence has been working on finding a more suitable location for Peninsula High.

In recent months, proposals to relocate the continuation school to an existing high school campus in San Mateo have been met with opposition from the San Mateo Police Department and parents there who have expressed concerns about gang violence.

According to San Mateo police, the Daily Journal reported, about 39 percent of Peninsula students have criminal records and another 20 percent have been involved in gangs, although there is dispute about those numbers.

Telford told Laurence in his letter that he wanted to offer another view:

Telford’s intent, he said, was not to second guess the concern of the San Mateo Police Department. Only they can speak to concerns in their city, he said. He simply wanted to share the positive experience San Bruno has had with Peninsula within its city limits. 

“The San Bruno Police Department has always enjoyed a positive and proactive working relationship with the administration and faculty of Peninsula High School. As a result of this relationship, students are able to attend classes in a safe and supportive environment,” Telford wrote, adding he hoped the experience will be considered in the decision-making process. 

Why is Peninsula High catching such a bad rap?

Peter Carey June 13, 2012 at 02:46 PM
The "controversy" raised seems to be a non-issue.One may only question the motives as to why it was introduced.
Chris Kiely June 13, 2012 at 07:12 PM
The issue is floating around because the High School District is still looking at moving Peninsula somewhere else. It is controversial because the first two alternate sites proposed were on campus at San Mateo or Hillsdale High. It isn't neighbors in San Bruno who have raised the concerns. It is neighbors in San Mateo. One of the good things about the current location is that it isolates these kids from whatever distractions they had back at their home location. Moving it on campus puts these kids back in the type of situation where they had problems before. The real issue is that SMUHSD would like to empty the Pen/Crest site so that they can sell it for a big residential development. When the issue came up a few years ago, the neighbors were close to unanimous that the kids there weren't a neighborhood problem, and that the continuation school was preferred to a large development.
Martin Ricard June 13, 2012 at 07:37 PM
So I guess the bigger question that needs to be answered here is what's the San Mateo Union High School District's real plans for the Crestmoor High site? I wonder if they've been listening to what San Bruno residents have been saying.
Chris Kiely June 13, 2012 at 08:04 PM
They didn't listen when they looked at declaring it surplus a few years ago. The way these things work, it may be angry San Mateo parents that force them to keep Peninsula here, which would scuttle the grander development ideas.
watchfultaxpayer October 04, 2012 at 05:46 AM
I don't understand why the variious school disricts seem determined to 'sell' school property that is free from mortgage. It seems like there should be a law against that. Once a property is sold it is gone...except the Hoover school site which was eventually 'bought back.'. One would think those smart people in charge could think of ways to use/rent/lease the properties in the event it is needed later. I don't live in the Crestmoor area but I have seen the kids walking down Jenevein to El Camino to catch the bus I assume. I have never seen anything that resembled a problem like fighting or swearing loudly,etc. although the 39% and 20% gang affiliation is sort of disturbing.


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