Three New Lawsuits Claim PG&E Negligence Led to Injuries, Property Damage

The lawsuits are the latest to accuse of PG&E of multiple charges as a result of the Sept. 9, 2010 pipeline explosion that left eight people dead and 38 homes destroyed.

Three more homeowners have joined a long list of residents who are suing PG&E for the Sept. 9, 2010 pipeline explosion, claiming the blast was caused by the utility's negligence in safely maintaining the gas transmission line.

The explosion also caused the Crestmoor residents injuries that will last indefinitely and disrupted their lives after damaging their homes, according to the lawsuits, which were all filed in July in San Mateo County Superior Court.

All of the lawsuits allege Pacific Gas & Electric Co. is liable for charges including negligence, strict liability, inverse condemnation, and public and private nuisance. Two of the homeowners, the Grays on Fairmont Drive and the Celentanos on Claremont Drive, were forced to flee for their lives when flames from the explosion ripped through the neighborhood.

The other homeowner, Veronica Sheridan, wasn't home when the explosion happened but suffered serious injuries as a result of PG&E's ultrahazardous operation of Line 132, the lawsuit states.

All of the residents are asking for unspecified damages.

These latest lawsuits now join 86 others, representing more than 250 residents affected by the fire. The cases have been coordinated into one big case that is .

PG&E has been able to reach settlements in at least three cases so far and is scheduled for another settlement meeting with a resident this month.


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