Bus Route Changes to Be Discussed at Council Meeting

Changes are being proposed to SamTrans bus routes throughout the county to make bus service more efficient for riders. In the proposal are several changes to key bus routes that go through San Bruno.

SamTrans is expected to discuss the proposed changes to its bus routes in San Bruno at today's City Council meeting.

The transit agency has put together a plan that it says will provide riders with more efficient service by improving or eliminating routes that don't get used that often and trying out some new types of bus services. The proposed changes are based on an 18-month study that SamTrans conducted.

According to the recommendations that have already been proposed, the bus routes changes that would affect San Bruno residents the most will be those to the 133, 140 and 141 lines.

A recent letter to the editor said the changes to the 140 and 141 lines would especially hit San Bruno hard because stops would be eliminated along San Bruno Avenue East and a key route that serves students going to Parkside Intermediate would be cut off.

A SamTrans representative is expected to make a presentation to the council about the plan at its meeting, which will take place at 7 p.m. at the senior center.

Residents are encouraged to come to the meeting to give their feedback. All of the comments will be taken into consideration when a final draft proposal is submitted for review to the SamTrans board of directors either later this year or early next year. The changes are expected to take effect in mid-2013.

More information about the plan can be found on SamTran's website.

Mark Taylor October 24, 2012 at 05:44 AM
(Note I watched this on tv and was not at the meeting in person) Some good news to report. The SamTrans representative said the 140 school trips to Parkside will not be changed. From what was said though at the meeting, this info has not yet been widely distributed. Kids that miss the 140 school trip bus though will have to take the 141 and connect with the 140 either at BART or take an El Camino to catch it at Sneath. No one on the city council said anything about dropping Cherry/Bayhill/San Bruno Ave sections (they may not realize it yet if they did not look carefully). I found it amusing the representative said you can still get to Bayhill by taking the 141. That means going down to SB BART and catching it up to San Bruno Ave & Cherry. That will be a long trip since both buses only run once an hour during non-commute. And no one asked why there will be no connection to Caltrain. One council member asked if there was more community outreach going on to schools and did request they have another community meeting. One woman in the audience noted that most people she spoke with on the 140 had no idea about the changes (nor did the driver!). The representative promised to get more information on the buses.
Martin Ricard October 24, 2012 at 08:37 PM
Thanks for continuing to follow this, Mark.


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