Editorial Urges Residents to Vote No on Measure G

The San Mateo Daily Journal said the school district suffers from poor leadership and communication, which needs to be fixed before any other ballot measure is passed. Do you agree?

The San Mateo Daily Journal published an editorial this week that blasts the San Bruno Park School District's parcel tax and urges voters not to support it at the polls.

The editorial said Measure G, the $199 parcel tax that aims to raise about $2 million a year for five years, is full of well intentions because of the parents and school leaders who asked for a better way to fund their schools after last year's debacle over the school closure talks.

But the paper said the school district suffers from poor leadership and communication, which the Daily Journal said needs to be fixed before any other ballot measure is passed:

There is always a temptation to simply throw support behind the measure because the community’s children may suffer by the effects of its failure. After all, does anyone really want to talk about a shortened school year and up to three school closures? However, the district’s current leadership has placed itself in this situation and forced much of the heavy lifting onto the backs of well-intended and sincere parent volunteers who are left worrying about the worst-case scenario after scrambling this year to save their respective schools. 

watchfultaxpayer October 31, 2012 at 07:58 AM
It is NOT that people who are against Measure G DO NOT support education. It is, as the article stated that made me feel validated in many of my earlier posts,, the wording was very vague as to how the $$ will be spent,, The leadership has proven to be poor and homeowners are not willing to sign up for more of the same. Some of us can't give up our daily Starbucks to pay for it. Some of us don't indulge in Starbucks coffee to give up..Jennifer Blanco was correct in saying that it was vaguely written as well as bad timing with all the other tax hungry measure riding on this ballot. I believe that she probably meant that it would not be well-received, NOT that she was against a Parcel Tax period. I feel similar that with new leadership and a clear plan I would support it..AND...what does "more than 50 % students low income situations" have to do with homeowners throwing more $$$ into the pot, I ask??? Just curious...how many Special Ed children does San Bruno have and how much is spent on their program per child compared to Regular Ed? Anyone help me out here??? And while I believe decent schools are a factor in where people buy homes, we have no lack of people moving here and living here. Gangs, a downtown slum, and crater potholes also affect real estate values. Two Title ! schools aren't that attractive in driving up prices either.
Bill Baker October 31, 2012 at 02:38 PM
Annie, you're making the NO ON G argument. Higher taxes cause businesses to close and people to move away. That's why voters in the SBPSD should vote NO ON MEASURE G.
Edwin S November 02, 2012 at 07:17 AM
"No" people ARE against supporting local education. The truth hurts, San Bruno - they don't care enough to pay, to get involved, to support change. I'm one of them. I chose to bypass the entire thing. Look at all the "No" comments, complaints and excuses - but no involvement, NO solutions, just rhetoric. Yes, they will write comments to Patch articles, but do they put their efforts or money forth - NO. Does the editor who wrote the article put his/her name to it - NO. El Crystal want to become a magnet school, but where is the support from all those parents. I've heard that plan has no chance without passing G. Are there lawn signs in those neighborhoods - NO. No one cares....at least I'm honest about it.
Annie Goldstein November 02, 2012 at 10:24 AM
Edwin S: I get that you want to pay your money to support your children's education but what happens when one of your children needs extra support? Extra support that the school will not provide; extra support that is in upwards of thousands and thousands of dollars? Do you currently have any autistic children at your school? Do you currently have any children with moderate to major learning disablities? Do you currently have any children who need full time Inclusion Aides? Just an aide is about $18,000 to 20,000 per child. Do you have that kind of money to send your child to a special school that provides services in upwards of thousands of dollars? Your children, in what it seems, are healthy and have sound body and mind; that's great but many children do not have the same. If you would like to come to our morning roundup at Crestmoor, and see many children who do not have the same blessings as your family you are welcome to come; Roundup is at 8:10 for us. Here I am going to get religious on everyone BUT what would Jesus do? Would he say, "oh I realize that public education is going to cost me an extra 16.00 per month but why should I bother with those poor, useless children?" NOT REALLY; he would roll up his robe sleeves and see what he could do to help.
Annie Goldstein November 02, 2012 at 10:43 AM
Edwin S: Do I agree that some San Bruno Public School parents could help out more with their time and energy? YES, I do. BUT there are many of us parents that do help out a lot. Parents who help out in our class rooms, parents that help support teachers with doing grunt work, parents who campaign to help support and ask the community for help with helping San Bruno Communities' children, parents who buy endless supplies of cookie dough, gift wrap and recycled bags, parents who go to school fund raising festivals, move a thons, movie nights, parents who help out on the playground during recess/lunch, parents that fund a need and write a check for something for the school. These parents in your community do a lot. If you need actually data let me know and I'll get you actual data; We have a community volunteer sheet that we have to fill out every time we enter the school; our office manager is excellent in keeping records. I can give you a head count of all the parents that enter our school, help out in some way and then leave. I could even give you an average time that most parents are at school. Let me know.


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