Batchelor, Bird & Castanon Celebrate Victories; Measure N Goes Down

Michael Ceremello was the runner-up in the mayoral race and Ted Hickman came in just behind the two winning council candidates. Some votes have yet to be counted.

On a night in which confetti rained down upon newly re-elected President Obama and his family, candidates in Dixon celebrated as well.

With some mail-in and provisional ballots still to be counted, Dixon voters selected:

  • For mayor: Jack Batchelor, Jr.
  • For two seats on the city council: Steve Bird and Jerry Castanon
  • Measure N: No

The controversial Measure N went down to defeat with a preliminary vote of 3,039 to 1,351.

In the nearly-final count for the mayor, Jack Batchelor emerged as the clear winner, with 2,479 votes compared to Mike Ceremello’s 1,075 and Steve Alexander’s 824.

Surrounded by family and friends in his home on Fountain Way, Batchelor said, “I believe the citizens believe I’ve done a good job as mayor … and believe I can move the city forward as I’ve done over the past four years.”

He said he was getting a greater percentage of the vote than the last time he ran for mayor.

The top priorities for his next term of office are keeping a balanced budget, maintaining public safety, providing services to citizens such as parks, and dealing with wastewater and Solano Irrigation District (SID) water issues. He’s taking a wait-and-see attitude before making a decision about taking over water delivery from SID.   

He says he would also like to see the Parkway Boulevard railroad overpass constructed.

The current city council, Batchelor said, “made some tough decisions (but) it took us a little time.” The new council, he feels, “ … will want to keep Dixon a nice, safe community to raise their children.”

As far as Measure N, he says he would be open to looking at a revised Sunshine Ordinance down the road.

“There are some provisions in there that I can support,” Batchelor said. He said he would prefer to see an ordinance that could be presented to the city council for approval.

Batchelor credits his wife Mary Lou with being an astute campaign manager.

In the city council race, Steve Bird was the top candidate with a near-final 2,387 votes, followed by Jerry Castanon, Sr. with 1,571 votes – making these two the new members on the city council. They were followed by Ted Hickman with 1,360, Drew Graska with 1,154, Ian Arnold with 865, and Yaqinah Abdurrahman with 212 votes.

"I knew I had built up all these relationships with people (as a police officer and community member)," Steve Bird told the Vacaville Reporter. "It's overwhelming."

Stopping by the Batchelor house was winning city council candidate Jerry Castanon, Sr. and his wife, Anna Lisa.

Castanon says he became one of the top vote-getters by knocking on a lot of doors, using phone banks, and distributing much campaign literature. When he was campaigning on the streets, he said, people would tell him what they wanted to see in Dixon. “You get answers you may not want to hear,” he said. “It’s important to hear them out.”

Asked if he would be open to a future changed Sunshine Ordinance, Castanon said, “Absolutely. If there was something that needed to be done, I’m all for it, because Dixon has never had anything to hide.” He said that in connection with building projects, Dixon has always given him whatever he wanted.

He also said he was pleased that President Obama was re-elected, especially since he feels Republicans have been anti-union.

His priorities for Dixon are core-area storm-water drainage, resolving the SID water-supply issue, and making sure that the police and firemen have enough personnel and equipment to guarantee public safety.

In the city council race, candidate Ms. Yaqinah Abdurrahman received the fewest number of votes (212). Reached at her home by phone, Abdurrahman, a fairly new Dixon resident, described the feedback she received from residents while running for office:

“A lot of people wished me good luck,” she said. However, “A lot of people didn’t think I was real … (and some thought my candidacy) was a prank … An African-American female running for council.”

But now, she said, “People know my name. … It was a great opportunity for people to get to know me.”

She congratulated the winners in the council race, saying it “is a great opportunity to serve their community.”

In one other Solano Country vote of interest, Measure Q, the Solano Community College bond issue, was winning by approximately 27,000 votes early Wednesday morning. 

Share your thoughts about the election results below.

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C. Duncan November 08, 2012 at 05:09 AM
Chill pill time, folks. I suspect the printed Internet word/s may not reflect the intent of the interviewee. Breathe and Relax. Hang in there, Yaqinah, They would not have voted for you even if you had done your research and been prepared. Cindy Duncan
Kerry Jacobs November 09, 2012 at 05:06 AM
Jim is right, I agree that there will be more and more burgluries in town and everywhere in America especially with our new reelected president. And its only going to get worse.
Yaqinah Abdurrahman November 30, 2012 at 03:32 AM
It was miss quoted as printed but I see that Carol just wanted to say some about me being Africa American and female because SHE wants people to know SHE is sensitive about it. Thanks Cindy because without knowing me you could still see the truth. I have never experienced even a hint of racism in Dixon, and she is the only person in town that even responded or address that point EVER( at least publicly) and that alone speaks volumes about character. But since she lives in Dixon she is still one of 18,000 of the greatest people on the planet, (wether she voted for me ,respects, or cares that I'm alive). She spelled my name right and I know she can pronounce it and for that I am truly grateful.
Yaqinah Abdurrahman November 30, 2012 at 03:39 AM
Since my contact information is listed with the city you can call for the whole story, but the quote was taken from the fact that when I was introduced to face to face to residents I did hear just that " oh my God your a real person I thought some was pulling a prank" I heard this on more than one occasion from more than one person. I didn't think that the comment was racist the first time I heard it and it just got funnier even until the last time I heard it the day of the election. I apologize that Mr. Paul whom I respect highly may not have the space to retell the story properly, but Carol's reactions is so off based that it seems to stem from something far more personal. The fact that she detailed other females and Hispanics but didn't state clearly that there has ever been and African American person in office in Dixon goes back to her issues not mine. I represented a unbiased choice that is not what she wanted, and I respect her decision. I wish she would have contacted me before she posted something that make her look far beneath the person I'm sure she is.
Yaqinah Abdurrahman November 30, 2012 at 03:56 AM
But nevertheless I want to be clear; I didn't loose I simply wasn't elected. I won a greater respect for the community in which I live, I won knowledge, I won the ability to not feel like a stranger in the place I now call home, I won teaching Carol three words in arabic! I knew the issues and what people wanted to hear; but I ran for office for the people to have an opportunity to hear themselves. Of the people, by the people, for the people, SHOULD not parish! We as a town should all be embarrassed that our leaders have been conducting themselves in such a manner. It doesn't matter who starter it ;when the other party(s) engaged/ acknowledged and gave validity to the immature behavior that became the status quo for our city council meetings, the entire town had the appearance of a joke not just our leaders


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