City Honors Catholic Worker Hospitality House

The City Council recognized the Catholic Worker Hospitality House with a written proclamation on Thursday.

The City Council recognized the with a written proclamation on Thursday, formally thanking the staff for their hard work and dedication to the community. Vice Mayor Michael Salazar and Mary Nunnery presented the proclamation on the shelter grounds, located at .

The founders of the Catholic Worker Hospitality House, Peter Stiehler and his wife Kate Chatfield, opened the center in 1996 and have been accommodating guests and serving meals since then. At present, the house is home for eight guests and a place to eat breakfast for the homeless every Tuesday through Friday. 

After the city officials thanked Stiehler and his staff, Peter also said he was thankful to city for supporting the shelter.

"The people of San Bruno have been so supportive of all of our work over the years," Stiehler said. "No one wants to have a homeless shelter or soup kitchen in their town because (they) don't want folks who need to use such places. But San Bruno responds with the heart. We're able to do this and have been able to do it for 15 years because of the generosity of folks in San Bruno."


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