San Bruno - State of the City

San Bruno Mayor Jim Ruane's State of the City presentation

Monday January 7th 2013 San Bruno Mayor Jim Ruane gave his State of the City presentation at the 2013 Installation of the San Bruno Chamber of Commerce Board Members.

His very informative and positive presentation is attached.

The City of San Bruno is in good hands and growing and improving.

Mary an Stanley January 15, 2013 at 01:54 AM
Yes sir very nicely said . With all do respect , you didn't even mention Downtown. Victory Honda is Not located on San Mateo Ave. you mentioned the business community in San Bruno., Tanforan ,The Crossroads, Bayhill, Train Station., but NO mention of the business community on San Matro Ave., San Bruno's Downtown. You did mention The El Camino Theater , unfortunately I heard the same story 20 years ago. I'm sorry that The Downtown area is not even on your list. I do hope to meet with you soon. I'm sure after meeting with you and The Chamber I will know for sure wether or not , I should just shut up.
Alan Lubke January 16, 2013 at 06:47 AM
I would have liked to have heard progress on the Economic Development program funding returning to the state. In particular, I would have liked to hear the current baseline in San Bruno for subsidized low income housing and number of projected additions to low income units that will now be lost as a result funds being returned. What is the impact of the General Fund of San Bruno on termination of the program and the return of funds to the State? What are the milestones for clearing up this transition clearing the books.


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