San Mateo County Cases Among Those Pardoned

Governor Jerry Brown pardoned 79 individuals Monday, including four from cases involving San Mateo County and five from Santa Clara County.


Christmas came a day early for 79 individuals who were pardoned by Governor Jerry Brown on Monday.

Four of those individuals had their cases heard in San Mateo County, including Sean Robert Dawley, Sonya G. Foster, Zoltan Goden and Illya Jon McClement, all of whom were convicted of crimes involving drugs.

Individuals who had their cases decided in Santa Clara County included Leo Michael Anshutz, William Knight Douglas, Darvale Jackson and William Christopher McIllory and Richard Pieri, also all involving drugs.

The pardons were announced Monday. They included individuals from convicted marijuana growers to drunk drivers who have served their sentences and committed no other crimes for at least a decade.

Many of the pardons carried no prison sentence. One of the pardons involved involuntary manslaughter, four grand theft, four robbery and three felony driving under the influence.

Those pardoned asked for the governor's consideration after obtaining court certification they have "lived an honest and upright life" since their release, according to language in the declaration.

A pardon does not erase a criminal record, but returns many of a convicted felon's rights. Under certain conditions, some of those rights include their constitutional right to bear arms and to serve on a jury.

Foster served her term in the mid 70s while the other three individuals were convicted in San Mateo County in the early 90s.


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