School District Reveals Economic Disclosure Forms for 2011

The San Bruno Park School District superintendent also explains his wife's employment, which is connected to the school district.

Every year, government officials are required by the state to file statements of economic interests, known as Form 700s, to disclose possible conflicts of interest. In addition to city government, this includes the school district.

San Bruno Patch recently obtained the Form 700s for all school board members and administrators required to file for 2011 in the .

As part of our , San Bruno Patch is sharing these documents with the public. The forms show any investments or real estate an official owns that could possibly cause a conflict, as well as income earned by a spouse.

There aren't many revealing details in the school district's statements of economic interests. However, a number of people have raised questions about the employment of Superintendent Dr. David Hutt's wife, who runs a daycare program that works with the district.

According to Hutt's Form 700, his wife works for Champions, one of three childcare programs that operate within the school district, and earns between $10,000 and $100,000.

There are two Champions programs in the district, one at and the other at . Hutt's wife is the site director for the program at John Muir, Hutt said.

Aware of the speculation, Hutt explained that Champions doesn't operate as part of the school district and that his wife doesn't report directly to him but rather to a coordinator in the school district. He didn't go into details about whom the coordinator is or what that role entails.

"In her role, my wife is responsible and accountable to a supervisor within Champions," Hutt said in a recent interview. "She is not accountable to me."

Bill Baker March 26, 2011 at 08:49 PM
Good for you. Too bad Superintendent Hutt filed materially false and misleading California Form 700 Statements of Economic Interest for about 5 years before getting this sudden urge for full disclosure after he was caught filing the false and misleading statements. Read the Beacon article at: http://www.sanbrunobeacon.com/h/2011/3/15/did-san-bruno-park-school-district-superintendent-hutt-commi.html to put Hutt's sudden urge to disclose these documents in context.


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