How to Save Water in San Bruno During the Drought Emergency

How to check for leaks, water-saving tips and information about rebate programs through BAWSCA.

Cherry Park in San Bruno.
Cherry Park in San Bruno.

Last year was the driest year in the history of San Bruno and all across California. 

The San Bruno City Council and city staff are working to analyze the effects the drought has had on the local water supply.

At the state level, Gov. Brown has declared a drought emergency and has asked California residents and businesses to reduce their water consumption by at least 20 percent. 

Here's how you can help conserve water in San Bruno:

-- Easy water-saving tips you can use daily at home and at work

-- How to check for leaks (even slow drips can result in 50 gallons of wasted water per month!)

-- Rebate programs through BAWSCA that help you pay to upgrade to water-efficient toilets, washing machines and landscapes

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