Walnut City Council Honors State Military Reservists

U.S. Ed Royce (R-Fullerton) participated in the ceremony, as did Jody Roberto, a representative from state Sen. Bob Huff's office.

The Walnut City Council Wednesday night saluted members of the California State Military Reserve, including the city’s own Mayor Pro Tem Tom King.

Several members of B Company, 1st Battalion, attended the ceremony at City Hall. The reservists are volunteers who drill out of the Azusa Armory and support and train National Guard soldiers from Walnut and other surrounding communities who are deploying overseas to Afghanistan.

U.S. Rep. Ed Royce, R-Fullerton, presented the members of the reserve with certificates, as did Jody Roberto, a representative from the office of state Sen. Bob Huff, R-Diamond Bar.

Royce lauded the company members for their sacrifice and commitment.

“We are deeply appreciative of what they have done,” he said. “We the United States Congress also offer our heartfelt appreciation for this company’s outstanding service to the United States. The volunteer hours that have been utilized here, that have been sacrificed by each of you in order to prepare the National Guard for overseas deployment in Operation Enduring Freedom, is above and  beyond the call of duty.”

Mayor Mary Su also praised the volunteers’ dedication and willingness to put their country before self.

“People like you make our nation strong, make our community fearless ,” she said.

Mayor Pro Tem Tom King, a member of the company, said that less than one percent of people in the United States serve in the volunteer military.

“What makes these people particularly special is these are volunteers who do it for nothing. These are former soldiers and ordinary citizens who volunteer their weekends."

The members of the reserve, who have donated tens of thousands of hours of time,  teach soldiers how to fire weapons before they get to combat, as well as how to drive heavy vehicles. They also volunteer at community events such as the Walnut Family Festival, King said.

Lt. Dan Derkum thanked the company’s spouses, families, and employers for making it possible for the State Military Reserve members to volunteer so much time.

He said people often ask him why the reserve does what it does.

“We train with these people.  We’re out in the field with the National Guard. They become members of our families and we become members of their families,” he said. “And when they come back and their family and children are out in the audience and we’re there too, I can’t tell you the feeling when they get off of the bus or the airplane and they shake your hand and hug you, sometimes with tears in their eyes, and they say ‘Thanks. I am here because of you.’ That’s why we do it.”

Allen Park January 10, 2013 at 11:45 PM
Hats off to the volunteer reservists who serve so that chickenhawks like Ed Royce, who draft dodged Vietnam but voted for endless war in Iraq, never have to. Ed Royce should be thanking these brave men profusely.
Walnut Watchdog January 11, 2013 at 02:06 AM
We can always count on Allen Park, protoge of Jay Chen for inappropriate crass remarks. I watched the event on Charter and it appeared that the soldiers were very thankful for the honor. Mr. Park again denegrates those who do not agree with his politics. I wonder if when Mr. Park grows up, if he will have the courage to join the State Military Reserve or the National Guard and serve his country. If he did, he would find out that the soldiers above even buy their own weapons, and maybe he would learn the difference between a AR15 and a military assault weapon. Of course if the AR15 is banned they can carry soap in a sock for self defense. After all, his professors have already taught him the definition of the second ammendment. I did not notice if the people up on the stage were Democrats or Republicans, liberals or conservatives. but Allen sure got his panties in a wad about Ed Royce. Allen wasn't around in the Vietnam War but I would bet dollars to donuts he never served in Iraq...lots of dollars in fact.
Allen Park January 11, 2013 at 02:28 AM
Walnut Dogcatcher, usually you capitalize JAY CHEN. Let's be consistent here. By the way, still waiting for you to explain where all the pork was in the Sandy aid bill your buddy Ed Royce voted against. I'm glad that the reservists were recognized, they deserve it and I never spoke ill of them, though you try to make it sound like I did. Ed Royce demeans the event by being there. Unless I am incorrect about his military record and his votes on the Iraq war? Please do let me know if I got my facts wrong.
Dr. James Swartz January 11, 2013 at 04:08 PM
how about you girls focus upon the patriotism of these fine soldiers and airmen rather than bring in your political biases? these reservists pay for everything, from travel to their own uniforms just to serve and help. most citizens do not even know they exist. and whether you like his politics or not, a member of the national or state legislatures certainly have a right and a duty to attend. the appearance of a member of the federal congress adds credence and honor to the achievements of these troops.
Allen Park January 11, 2013 at 05:50 PM
I think it's more important that we give our troops proper training, and never send them into harms way unnecessarily, which is what Ed Royce did when he voted many times for an endless war in Iraq. That is more important than passing out a couple of certificates and paying lip service to the troops. Having a draft dodger at the event demeans the entire ceremony further. Get a real hero, not a draft dodger, to honor these troops. Royce attending this event is the same as if he went to New Jersey and praised the brave Hurricane Sandy homeowners there, after he had voted against paying their insurance claims.


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