Walnut Named Best Place in State to Raise Kids

Bloomberg Businessweek released its best places to raise kids list for 2013 today.

Bloomberg Businessweek today named Walnut the “Best Place to Raise Kids in California.”

The publication touted the city’s, beauty, parks and community events.

“This city in Los Angeles County, with a combined 90 acres of parks, has more natural beauty than its big-city neighbors," wrote Bloomberg Businessweek. "Families with younger children can enjoy the annual Walnut Family Festival, with a parade and car show.”

Mayor Mary Su said when she was looking for a place to move in 1988,  she chose Walnut because she wanted a good place to raise her son that had solid-performing schools.

Su said the Walnut Valley Unified School District, with its 906 Academic Performance Index test score, is one of the reasons families are drawn to the city.

“The resources are so rich for the parents to raise their children here,” she said. “It is very diverse, very safe.  At our schools, our parents are really involved with all kinds of programs.”

Su pointed to the parks, sports fields, horse and walking trails, and youth programs through the Walnut Teen Center and Gymnasium as other reasons why families might be lured to Walnut.

“This is the best gift for Walnut this Christmas,” she said.

Mayor Pro Tem Tom King said he and his wife also were drawn to Walnut because of the schools.

"Margie and I lived in an area with less stellar schools and our kids were going into grammar school.  Walnut' s school scores were tops," he said.  "We visited Collegewood and the principal had been in Boy Scouts with me.  He recommended the schools."

The programs for children also were impressive, he said.

"Walnuts park and recreation programs were the best I have ever seen," he said. "Our kids thrived in Walnut and succeeded."

*City Statistics:

Population: 29,269
GreatSchools city score: 9
Median family income: $106,284
Housing costs as a percentage of income: 25.3%
County unemployment rate: 10.3%
Nearby city: Los Angeles

*Source: Bloomberg Businessweek

Robert Paulson December 22, 2012 at 02:24 AM
Don't be fooled by asians, they are as scandless as any other. The reason the could buy $800 thosand dollar house, is because the believe in putting their money together and live like slobs, if you don't belive me look at their yards, 3 families with a total of 6 kids and they don't pull weeds or freaking mow the lawn.and they have the nerve to say they don't trust the gardners....it's ok because once their kids are out of the house they move out and take all their cash back home..
Robert Paulson December 22, 2012 at 02:31 AM
Walnut USD is a district of choice, some principals, like Mrs. Rendon at Westhoff will take a kid that is asian quicker than a white,hispanic or black.doesn't matter if they drive 10-20 miles from home to get to school...but if a ligit family moves into the neighborhood and their assigned school is Westhoff she would tell them that they are full...it happened to my sister. They have the nerve to put kids on blast if their families don't put into their community club fundraiser...we live here, Walnut is one of the highest tax bracket and my property taxes pay for these schools
S.Shortcake December 29, 2012 at 10:46 PM
Wow, I did not realize their was so much anger in the city amongst the residents. I was raised here and had a pretty great upbringing so we decided to raise my son here as well. I think he enjoyed his childhood here as well and he still hangs out with his diverse set of friends that he's had since elementary school. Just remember folks its all about your own attitude and being open to understanding other cultures and ways. But it does go both ways.
reader31 January 18, 2013 at 08:03 PM
Feel sorry for your boys - they're obviously being raised by someone that likes to stereotype folks. Can only hope they learn to think independently and not emulate their narrow-minded parent.
pamylla January 31, 2013 at 08:21 AM
I lived in Walnut many years...raised a family there. I'm not Asian, but we had neighbors who were and we all coexisted without a lot of hangups. We helped our Asian neighbors learn English and they introduced us to a lot of Chinese cuisine and customs. It's all good. As for Walnut, you can socialize as much or as little as you want to, study as much or as little as your parents will let you. It's a peaceful community with its plusses and minuses just like anyplace. Overall it's a great town!


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