With First Rebuilding Application Submitted, Family Decides to Start Over Again in Crestmoor

A family who lived at 1710 Claremont Dr. put in plans last week for the first rebuilding project in the Crestmoor neighborhood.

All that is left there now is a fenced-in, vacant lot covered by memories and the semblance of grass. 

But if plans go through, the homeowners of 1710 Claremont Dr. could have back what the Sept. 9 gas explosion and fire destroyed when it took their home. 

Last week, the family who owned the home put in plans for the first rebuilding project in the Crestmoor neighborhood, marking a major step forward for the neighborhood’s recovery, where 38 homes were destroyed and 62 others were damaged. 

Since the fire, many of the residents have been reluctant to say whether they would either rebuild in the neighborhood or leave their memories behind and start over again elsewhere—primarily because the cause of PG&E’s ’s explosion is still not known. 

Some, whose homes suffered damage, have already begun . 

Others have already moved out of the neighborhood, deciding that it would be better to start anew somewhere else rather than having to live in constant fear of another explosion. 

But like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the owners of 1710 Claremont Dr.—who didn’t want to be named or comment for this story—have decided to replant their roots in the soil and neighborhood they have always known. 

According to the rebuilding application, the proposed home would be a new two-story home with a two-car garage in the same location as before—3,145 square-feet overall, about 1,000 square-feet larger than what the 3-bed, 2-bath home was before the fire. 

“The design is pretty much going to look like what was there before," architect Mark Bucciarelli said in describing the project. 

The project will now go before the city’s at 6pm Jan. 27 for further review as part of the expedited review process recently approved by the City Council.


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