Local Teachers Rally to Get Schools on Right Track

The theme of Monday's rally, organized by local members of the California Teachers Association, was "putting California back on track."

With just over one week to go till Election Day and one of public education's most critical ballot measures failing in the polls, local members of the California Teachers Association took to the rails Monday in a rally to promote their support of Proposition 30 and their opposition to Proposition 32.

A group of San Carlos Teachers Association members greeted the 4:10 p.m. southbound train, waiving signs and giving thumbs up to educators who were onboard the train as it traveled from San Francisco to San Jose.

"We're here to encourage everyone to get out and support our schools by voting 'yes' on Prop 30 and 'no' on prop 32," said Diane McGuigan, a teacher at White Oaks Elementary School and co-president of the San Carlos Teachers Association.

McGuigan and SCTA co-president Carol Campbell (Tierra Linda Middle School), led a group of about 20 supporters as they shared the message about why passing Prop. 30 is so critical.

Put on the ballot by Gov. Jerry Brown to prevent massive cuts to schools, Prop. 30 would increase taxes for people who make over $250,000 per year for the next seven years by one percent. It would also increase California's sales tax by one quarter of one cent for the next four years to fund state programs, such as schools and public safety.

Sequoia Union High School District board member Carrie DuBois also joined in the rally on the platform to show her support.

"I'm here in support of our teachers," DuBois said.

Even those not quite old enough to vote got their first taste of activism.

Russell Lansing, sporting a Giants cap, slept soundly in his Snuggly as his mom, Angela Lansing, SCTA treasurer, waved her signs and promoted the groups' message on the platform.


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