S.O.S. Committee Agrees to Move Forward Without Board's Support

The parents who have been heading up the effort to start a task force geared toward preventing future school closures decided that working independently of the San Bruno Park School District Board would help solve the problem.

On Tuesday, a group of concerned community members gathered to discuss and strategize their options regarding the S.O.S. committee that was originally created by board member Jennifer Blanco.

During this meeting, there were many topics debated, ranging from the long term vs. short term objectives of the district, the current state of the administration, the superintendent's job performance and the level of the board's participation in the S.O.S. committee.

At the end of the meeting, it was decided that the San Bruno Park School District board could do whatever it would like as far as its version of the S.O.S committee.

The parents at this meeting had decided that we wanted to be fully dissolved from the school board, both in the S.O.S effort as well as the effort to avoid school closure and save our schools. In essence, the community is forming their own San Bruno S.O.S Committee.

Our message to the board:

"The San Bruno S.O.S Committee is a community based, grassroots formation that will get strongly involved with the financial and operational aspects of the district."

One of the major talking points for the S.O.S was whether or not the SBPSD board would recognize, listen and work with us. Since our decision was to work independently of district board leadership, we compiled a list of demands:

  • We demand clarity, by was of accurate, transparent and timely communication from the district.
  • We demand accountability - by the district, by the administration and by the board.
  • We demand to be heard - by the district, by the administration and by the board.

The S.O.S has resolved to do whatever it takes to ensure these demands are met.

In other words, we expect that the district will work with us, will hear our concerns, will engage in open, honest, accurate and timely communication with us and will be accountable for their actions.

At the San Bruno Park School District Board of Trustee meeting on Wednesday, these ideas were presented to the board during their action item discussion to refine the authorized "Save Our Schools" advisory committee.

Board member Henderson opened the agenda item by explaining the board could not have a committee without its involvement. Board member Sanchez commented that communication was a two way street and board member Martinez inquired to what levels of communication the S.O.S committee was looking for.

Board member Blanco openly supported the idea, saying she was "Glad to see the parents mobilizing." She also expressed concern over the parents inability to trust the board leadership at this time.

In the end, the SBPSD board dissolved their version of the S.O.S committee and acknowledged the committee's desire to work independently.

There is a long road ahead, for all of us. While the S.O.S committee is in a very fledgling state, we enter the summer knowing how important this momentum is and that we, as parents and community members, need to continue to mobilize and move forward towards our intentions of helping make San Bruno Park a great school district.

A second meeting of the San Bruno Community S.O.S committee will be scheduled for next week. It is open to everyone. If you would like to get involved and keep this momentum going, please join us!

Joe Capote May 18, 2012 at 01:35 PM
@SSBS, come to our next meeting!
Chris Kiely May 18, 2012 at 06:12 PM
SSBS: you describe the SOS committee as:"claiming to have no connection to the board has been formed at exactly the same time the school board dissolves the committee with the same name it created".... I get the impression you think this is all some sham masterminded by the school board. I distrust this board as much as anyone, but there is a different explanation for the details you mention. Maybe the people involved told the Board to go pound sand. Just saying....
Paul Linden May 18, 2012 at 06:13 PM
I was at the board meeting where the board dissolved the original SOS committee. Unless Mr Capote and Mr Henderson are really good actors, there is no connection. Sometimes there actually isn't a conspiracy.
Karin Cunningham May 18, 2012 at 06:37 PM
Bill Baker May 18, 2012 at 08:41 PM
Doesn't the term S.O.S. create a word-sense disambiguation problem?


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