Katy Lee
I am a mother of 3 almost all grown-up children. I'm not going to tell you how old they are or you'll do the math and find out how old I really am!
I believe being a parent is a high calling, and am passionate about encouraging other parents to live out that calling.  Hence I started my website Adventures In Parenting. I give workshops on parenting topics such as "Discipline and Discipleship", "Parenting Kids in the Age of the Internet", "Raising Modest Kids in a Sexualized Culture." I grew up in Pasadena, moved to Walnut in 1990. My husband and I are both in real estate sales and property management. My many craft projects make it hard for me to keep a clean house. That and being lazy. I also love to read, walk, teach Sunday School at my church, and bake brownies (which makes me a lot of friends.)
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