Mike Kahn
Mike Kahn is proud to be a Bay Area native, born and raised in Palo Alto, and now living in Millbrae. He is a photographer, videographer, writer, and entrepreneur focused at the crossroads of environmental education and digital media. He holds a degree in Sociology from U.C. Berkeley and a degree in Interactive Media Design from the Art Institute of California-San Francisco. Mike is the founder/president of Green Stock Media stock photo and video footage agency. He also works part-time behind the scenes for EcoSpeakers, an environmental speakers bureau.
Fun fact: In 2000, Mike took a solo cross-country bicycle trip  5,125 miles from California to Maine and posted digital photos to his natural science education website along the way. His electronic gear was powered by solar panels attached to his bike. Check out the video about the trip or visit the website. Mike still loves to ride his bike, instead of getting into a car, whenever he can!
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